Update on the Masjid property acquisition
Written by Azeem Haqqani   
Wednesday, 25 February 2009 22:51

Alhamdulillah we have taken one step further towards acquiring the property for the Masjid.  The attached Note gives the details.
Tomorrow Br Zul is going to see the lawyer John Fraser to finalise the Agreement based on the agreed conditions (see below).  Please keep praying for the success of our sacred project and keep digging deep into your pockets.  The cost of obtaining the Resource Consent and Building Consent conditions are likely be higher than what we allowed in our original budget.  Remeber whatever you give will be returned by Allah SWT many fold.


Minutes of Meeting with Vendor of 31 Fairview Avenue

25 February 2009

A meeting was held between SMA Negotiation Subcommittee and the vendor of the property at 31 Fairview Avenue on 21 February 2009 to discuss about closing the deal.


Vendor – Tomasi Tumotu Aloniu (Tom)

SMA – Abdul Azeem (representing Mohammed Wahid who could not attend), Zul Abdul Rahman, Br Islam Ramadan (representing Mursad Ali who could not attend).

Tom reported on the outcome of the visit of the ICC Building Inspector to his property today.  The Inspector told him that it is up to the new owners to get the Building Consent for the change in use.  He also gave a list of conditions to be met.  These are no different to what have been previously known which are basically the requirements of Sections 115 and 118 of the Building Act.

The following points were agreed between the Vendor and SMA after considerable negotiations:

   1. The purchase price is reduced from $125,000 to $121,000 + GST.
   2. A deposit of $15,000 will be paid to the Vendor on signing the Agreement.
   3. The Settlement will be done 3 months after signing the Agreement.
   4. The Agreement will be conditional to SMA getting the Building Consent. The deposit will be returned if the Agreement is cancelled due to SMA not getting the building consent.
   5. SMA will proceed for signing the Agreement as soon as possible in the next couple of days.