Translation of Juma Khutba 20 Feb 09
Written by Azeem Haqqani   
Monday, 23 February 2009 20:17

Southland Muslim Association Masjid Invercargill – Friday 20 February 09

Khutba on Assalat ‘ala annabi SAS

All praise is due to Allah SWT who put the right of His Prophet ahead of the rights of all the creation and made it obligatory on us to have faith in him; be obedient to him and to have love for him more than the love for any other person.

I witness that there is no God except Allah Alone by Himself with no partners and I witness that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger Leader of all the messengers.  Allahumma Salli wa Sallim ‘ala Muhammad wa ‘ala aalihi wa ashabihi ajmaee

Oh People fear Allah SWT; He SWT said in Quran: “Allah has conferred a great favour on the Believers when He sent among them a Messenger among themselves, narrating to them the signs of Allah, purifying them and teaching them the Qur’an and Wisdom, while before that they were in manifest error”.  Surah Aale Imran Verse 164.

And therefore He imposed numerous rights of the Prophet SAS over us.  And among those rights one is the Salat and Salam on him in abundance at all times and in all situations.  The Salat and Salam on him is compulsory in the khutba and in the ritual Salah – especially so in the day and night of Jum’ah, in the beginning and end of any du’ah and whenever his name is mentioned.

And whenever some one hears the Adhan he repeats what the Muaddhin says and then at the end of the Adhan he says:  Allahum rabba …… meaning:  O Allah the Lord of this perfect call and the established Salat bestow on Muhammad SAS Waseela and Fadilah and take  him to the Station of Praise that which You had promised him.

Whosoever says the Salat on the Prophet SAS he becomes entitled to the intercession/ mediation by the Prophet SAS.  And the most deserving in this will be the one who is most sincere to Allah SWT and most frequently offering the Salat on the Prophet SAS.

And a group of people when they meet and depart without remembering Allah SWT and saying Salat on the Prophet SAS their example is like a dead donkey. There will be grief and sorrow for them on the Day of Judgement.

And who abundantly says Salat and Salam on the Prophet SAS Allah removes his worries and fulfils his needs and forgives his sins.  And who says Salat on the Prophet SAS once Allah says Salat on him ten times and raises him ten degrees.  Remembering Allah and saying Salat on Prophet SAS when undertaking any important task will bring Barakah in it and not doing so will cut off the Barakah.

And in frequently saying salat on the Prophet SAS there are numerous benefits: Forgiveness, washing away of sins, acceptance of prayers, fulfilment of needs, removal of difficulties and worries, bringing of Khair and Barakah and the pleasure of the Lord of heavens and earth.  And this is the light in the grave which will save from calamities and misery.  And in this is the discharge of some of the rights of the Prophet SAS and growth of his love in the heart which brings his most nobles proximity.  And in this is the cause of the guidance to the straight path.  And in this is the prayer and seeking from the Merciful Lord.

InnaAllah wa malaikatuhu yusallona ‘ala annabiyyi, ya ayyuhalladheena Aamanoo sallu ‘alayhi wa sallimu tasleema.

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