Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting 15 Feb 09
Written by Azeem Haqqani   
Saturday, 21 February 2009 19:19

Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting

15 February 2009 After Zuhar Salat


Present:  Abdul Azeem, Islam Ramadan, Zul Abdul Rahman, Mohammed Shaizad, Mohammed Wahid, Zahid Hussain


Apologies: Brother Mursad Ali

1.      Fund raising for the Masjid project – visiting other NZ cities for donations

It is not possible at this stage for any brother to visit other cities.  Fund raising effort will continue through telephones, emails and letters as much as possible.

2.      Resource Consent conditions and planning for their implementation

Br Zul had earlier discussed the Resource Consent conditions with Judith Christie. Her Informal feed back to Br Zul is given as follows:

a.      Driveway sealing

As the drive way is sealed to some extent already (though not quite up to the required distance) this condition can be ignored at the moment.  Further work can be done later on after taking possession of the property.

    1. Car parking

One of the off street car parking spaces in front of the property can be converted to a disabled car park.  The disabled car park must have a ramp access to the property.  An existing drive way ramp could be used for this purpose.


    1. Building consent

The Building Consent is necessary due to change of use from industrial to communal use.  It is possible to request for time from the Council to make necessary changes in the property to meet the requirements of the Building Consent.  Br Zul quoted from Sections 115 and 118 of Building Act 2004 that compliance to the following provisions is required:

·         Means of escape from fire

·         Protection of other property

·         Sanitary facilities

·         Structural performance

·         Fire rating performance

·         Access and facilities for people with disabilities

    1. Signage

The sign that Br Shahizad has arranged complies with the condition which was earlier provide by Br Zul at the time of start of this project

    1. Time allowed for implementing conditions

The time allowed is 12 months from the Consent date (5 February 2009) and an extension can be requested if needed

    1. Other

It was suggested that Br Qutaiba be requested to give his professional advice in this matter. Br Azeem will contact Br Qutaiba ASAP.

3.      Next steps in closing the deal for 31 Fairview Property

    1. Closing the deal with the Vendor

Two possible options were discussed. First option is to sign the binding agreement with a deposit and a settlement period after which the balance amount is paid in full.  The possession of property is at the time of full payment.  The advantage of this option is that it will give more time to collect additional funds for the Masjid.  The disadvantage is that there will be a delay in the acquisition of property.

The second option is to offer the Vendor to take whatever money we have collected (Approx $115,000) as full settlement price in return for possession now.  The advantage of this option is that we will have the property without any delay.  The disadvantage is that as we have to pay the GST at the time of full settlement the presently available funds may not be acceptable to the Vendor.

The Sub-committee of Br Zul, Br Wahid and Br Mursad will negotiate with the Vendor and will try to close the deal as quickly as possible.

    1. Appointment of a lawyer

John Fraser, Lawyer has been agreed in an earlier Execo meeting to act on behalf of SMA in this property acquisition deal.

    1. Appointment of an accountant

The Appointment of an accountant may become necessary if SMA becomes GST Registered in future.  This is necessary because of the need to file GST returns on a regular basis which may not be possible for the Treasurer/ Assistant Treasurer to do.

4.      Planning for next AGM – date and agenda

As per amended Constitution the AGM should have been held by the first weekend of February.  We cannot delay it any further.  Minimum 21 days notice is required for the AGM therefore the AGM date was fixed as Sunday 8th March 09 after Zuhar Salat.  The Agenda will be as given in the Constitution.

5.      Setting Executive Committee meeting dates for future

It was agreed that the Executive Meeting will be held 2nd Sunday of every month after Zuhar Salat.

6.      Feedback on:

    1.  Lobbying with FIANZ

Alhamdulillah a lot of brothers and organisations are now supporting our efforts to get FIANZ recognition and grant for the Masjid Project.

    1.  Setting up SMA website and P O Box

In the process of requesting funds from other organisations and brothers from other cities and overseas it was found out that it is an expectation that SMA should have a P O Box and a Website.  Both have now been set up now.  The P O Box expense is $135 per year and the Web site investment has been made by a couple of Australian brothers as their donation to our project.

    1. Registration with Charities Commission

The Application has been submitted with the Charities Commission.  Br Azeem informed that he has used in addition to his own name the names of Br Wahid and Br Islam as the Office bearers of SMA.  Br Azeem had to certify in this application process that none of the Office bearers of SMA have been involved in any criminal activity or misconduct.  Br Azeem asked Br Wahid and Br Islam to confirm that it was a correct statement.  Both of them confirmed it.

    1. Registration of GST and obtaining IRD number for SMA

The application for obtaining SMA IRD number has been submitted.  The GST registration process will be started after the IRD number is received.  There is a possibility of reclaiming the GST paid by SMA if GST registration is completed.

7.      Updating SMA letter head to include website and P O Box & Auditing Accounts

Both these matters are being dealt with Br Zul and he is in contract with Br Cash, a professional accountant, to assist us in the auditing process

8.      Strategy for encouraging brothers to renew membership for 2009

The membership fees are due by 15th January every year according to the amended Constitution. The following allocation of responsibility for reminding brothers for the renewal of membership was agreed:

Hospital – Br Islam; Mataura – Br Zul; Lornville – Br Zahid; Balclutha – Br Wahid; SPM and South City – Br Shahizad; Town – Br Azeem

9.      Implementation of the Constitution

Br Azeem asked that we should read the Constitution again and make every effort to implement it in letter and spirit.  It is our own document now after it was scrutinised and amended in a SGM last year.