$2000 Donation Pursuant to Br AlAyan Imam Christchurch Masjid
Written by Azeem Haqqani   
Wednesday, 18 February 2009 02:48
The donation of $3060 that we received from MAC (my last email) contains $2000 which came with the request that I ask in the Juma Salat last Friday for our brothers to match this donation.  I announced it and requested all present to respond with a similar amount if at all possible.
 Being the Amir of the SMA I cannot afford to ask something which I will not do myself.  I have therefore deposited $2000 in SMA Bank Account today

SMA Masjid Needs Your Support.
We are a non-profit organisation run on donations and volunteers. We need your donations which will support our efforts which includes the running and maintenance of the masjid. PLEASE DONATE GENEROUSLY."