Southland Muslim Association January Special Committee Meeting
Written by SMA Secretary   
Saturday, 16 February 2019 21:38
Southland Muslim Association January Special Committee Meeting
Date: January 26, 2019 Time: 7.25 p.m
Venue: Southland Muslim Association Complex
Agenda: Chairperson: Br. Mohammed Shaizad
1. Purchase and seek approval to offer price for Masonic Hall
Attendance: Br Shaizad, Br Imtiaz, Br Saiyad, Br Riyaz, Br Talib, Br Ali, Br Shamir, Br Kashiv
Apologies: Br Ashiv(QT), Br Zakariya, Br Nadeem (QT),Br Abdulla
Br Shaizad presented to the members the proposal to bid for the Masonic Hall situated on Forth Street. The Southland Masonic Centre is located in the central business district of Invercargill City and is representing one of the Historic buildings of the region.
The interest shown from brothers indicated that the Southland Muslim Association will offer a negotiable value to the building. As collectively agreed the offer will be from $370 000.
The building will require earthquake resistance in the near future (by 2030) to secure from natural disasters.
Since it is a historic building, much of the repair cost of upgrading will be shared by the Invercargill City Council.
The condition of purchase restricts the buyer from alteration of the building or the name.
Br Shaizad will arrange a meeting with a Southland real estate and city council to discuss the workings of the purchase.

The meeting ended at 8.00 p.m.