SMA Minutes of committee meeting 08/05/2010
Written by Imtiaz   
Wednesday, 12 May 2010 10:55


SMA Minutes of committee meeting 08/05/2010
Present: Abdul Azeem, Shahizad, Abdul Mutlib, Imtiaz, Mursad, Azam, Mahamud, Manzoor, Abu, Reza, Wali
Apology: Mansoor Ali(2nd), Japi
Absent: Azman, Ma’ruf, Saiyyad, Ismail, Khairuddin
Meeting Discussions
1.Building work progress on the new Masjid: building work has started on time, it is expected to be ready before Ramadhan. Br Shahizad is in charge of the heating needs of the Masjid, he will report on cost at the next meeting.
2. Women’s section of the Masjid will be self contained with own area (south of the Hall), entrance (from the back), toilet (the newly built toilet) and proximity to car park. There will be two digital locks - one on sisters’ entrance and one on the brothers’ usual entrance which will be the small door on the North-East of the Hall.
3. Volunteers are needed for painting the Masjid: at the moment these brothers have put their hands up: Mahamud (Amir), Mursad, Manzoor, Azam, Wali, Shahizad, Abu, Reza.
4.Hafiz for Ramadhan: Br Abdul Azeem sent a letter to FIANZ and has also spoken to Shaikh Amir of FIANZ. He has assured of FIANZ support in finding Hafiz. Shaikh Amir will be visiting Invercargill on Tuesday 11 May 2010. He will be at the Masjid for Maghrib till Isha, please come and meet him.
5. University of the third Age: Guus Lukkien from Prebesterian Church in Windsor is running programme on Islam from 16 July 2010-13August 2010. These lectures run from 10.00am-12.00pm. Please contribute in Propagating Islam.
6. Janaza Fund: Only 8 households have contributed to this. Please hasten up and grab this opportunity for our own needs.
7. The UFS Hall management has asked us to not use the place for sleeping. Accommodation for the Jammat has to be arranged somewhere else until our Masjid is ready. Br Mursad will coordinate.
8. Fundraising: Br Abdul Azeem tabled a draft fund raising request letter for review. Br Abdul Mutlib suggested that it should contain photos with a good description of the project. He offered to go on a fundraising visit to other places. Br Abdul Azeem encouraged all to take part in the fundraising but first starting from self. Brothers wanting to go on fundraising visits to contact Br Mursad for the official receipt book.
9. Next meeting: Out next meeting will be held on Sunday 13 June 2010 after Ishaa at 7.00pm, Insha Allah.