Written by Imtiaz   
Monday, 03 May 2010 09:31


Masjid Project Update – May 2010
Assalam Alaikum
Alhamdulillah we have now awarded the contract for the construction work at 31 Fairview Avenue to change the status of this property from a dwelling to a community centre. The work has started on 27 April 2010 and is expected to finish in 10-12 weeks time.   During the construction there will be 10 inspections by the Invercargill City Council and approval at each inspection is required before the work can continue. Please pray that all the work and inspections are carried out successfully.
The Contract has been awarded to Howden Construction Pty limited at a cost of NZ$ 74,700 plus GST. The GST amount at current rates will be NZ$ 9337.50 which means that SMA cash outlay will be NZ$ 84,037.50.   It is expected that SMA will be able to claim the refund of GST, InshaAllah, but it is likely to be after a considerable time lag.
As of 1 May 2010 the SMA Funds Balance is NZ$ 111,250.70 which means that Alhamdulillah we don’t have a problem in financing the above work. It is expected that the surplus of NZ$ 27,213.20 remaining after meeting the construction cost will be spent on painting, carpets and heater etc.
The above work is required to get the City Council approval to start using our purchased property as a community centre. We will then need more funds to upgrade the building for its adaptation as a Masjid. The most important work would be building of an annexe for the Wudu and Tahara (ablution) facilities.
With the above context we are now renewing our call for additional fundraising for about $100,000.
Please donate generously, preferably directly, into the Southland Muslim Association’s Westpac New Zealand Bank Account No 03 1745 0104001 00 (Swift Code WPAC NZ 2W for overseas transfers). 
The SMA Website details a number of ways for our Australian brothers and sisters to give their donations. 
When doing direct crediting into bank accounts please do provide your details so that a receipt could be issued. 
You can also give cash to any authorised representative of SMA who has the official SMA Receipt Book to give you the receipt of your donation immediately. 
JazakumAllah Khairan and may Allah SWT build a house for you and your family in Jannat-al-Firdaus.
Abdul Azeem Haqqani