Sunday 14 March 2010: Minutes of SMA committee meeting
Written by Imtiaz   
Friday, 19 March 2010 11:17


Sunday 14 March 2010
Minutes of SMA committee meeting
Present: Abdul Jabbar, Mahamud, Abdul -Azeem, Abu Mansaray, Manzoor, Azam, Imtiaz, Abdul-Mutlib, Sahizad, Khaeruddin, Wali, Saiyaad, Mursad, Mansoor, Japi, Ismail, Nurazman, Reza.
Absent: Maaroof Supardan

Meeting discussions:

1.Follow up and review from previous meeting

2. Br Sahizad has done a great job in keeping the new masjid lawn and ground keeping.  May Allah  reward him.

3. Brothers will continue to talk to their wives to establish a woman sub-committee.

4. Janaza Sub-committee is progressing well, as Br Wali has spoken to funeral homes. Br Reza, Br Mahamud and Ismail will help Br Wali to run janaza sub-committee. Issues that were brought in with regards to this are as follows:

- Brothers are also keen to learn from Dunedin’s mosque with regards to standard operating procedures.

-It was agreed to set up janaza fund and members will contribute $140.00/household. 

-Janaza fund can be paid in lump sum or in three instalments. Final payment must be received by Br Mursad by 31 May 2010. Alternatively it can be deposited in SMA’s second Bank Account dedicated now for collecting the Janaza Fund. The Account No is 03 1745 0104001 01.

5. Br Japi had discussed the possibility to have a potluck dinner on a fortnightly basis.

6. Brothers have agreed to hold Quran recitation for the men including boys starting on Saturday 20 March 2010. Br Abu will talk to Br Fahmi to help run the programme.

7. Building consent work progress: Three quotes have been received and Br Abdul -Azeem is reviewing them with the subcommittee. Br Mutlib is going to have individual meetings with the Contractors to clarify the scope of works.   Depending upon the response of the Contractors the aim is to complete this review in two weeks time, InshaAllah.

8. Planning for next Ramadhan and Hafiz: Br Abdul -Mutlib will get in contact with br Abdul -Munaf with regards to Quran  Hafiz. A firm answer is expected by next meeting. Hafiz Sultan from Roxburgh is also to be contacted to find out his availability for next Ramadhan.

9. Next Meeting: It has been agreed that next committee meeting will be on Saturday 10 April 2010 after Maghrib.