SMA Executive Committee Meeting 10 January 2010 after Zuhar
Written by Azeem Haqqani   
Friday, 26 February 2010 02:03


SMA Executive Committee Meeting 10 January 2010 after Zuhar
Minutes of the Meeting
Present:               Brothers Azeem, Zul, Abu, Mursad, Sahizad, Mutlib, Shamir
Apologies:          Brother Wahid, Munaf, Zahid  
1.             Membership Renewals
Br Azeem noticed that brothers are slow in renewing their 2010 membership.  Brothers Zul, Sahizad and Abu reported on their efforts to get brothers to fill the membership renewal forms.  It was decided that brothers should continue with these efforts in their allocated areas.  It is important that the Executive Committee members should fill their own forms before asking others.
2.             Hafiz for Ramadan
Br Sahizad mentioned that Br Munaf has identified three Huffaz and he would discuss this matter with Br Azeem.  Br Azeem indicated that due to his pre-occupation in Building Consent matters which will take a lot of his time he would like Br Munaf to take the full responsibility for managing the Hafiz process.  No objection was raised on this suggestion and Br Azeem will discuss it with Br Munaf.
3.             Building Consent
Br Azeem reported on the Building Consent affairs as follows:
·          The ICC documents were issued to members of Executive Committee, Br Qutaiba, Br Reza and Br Wali for their information and advice.  Br Qutaiba could not be contacted in spite of a number of attempts.  He is probably on holidays.  Br Reza has discussed the documents with one of his contacts who carries out construction activities in the dairy farms.
·          Darryl Kensington was consulted on this matter and he recommended two building contractors namely Blair Davies and Greg Barlow.
·          Letters to the above two contractors have been issued seeking their interest in our project.  They have indicated that they will respond shortly after returning from their holiday break.
·          Br Alayan, Imam of Christchurch mosque was consulted and he promised to discuss the ICC documents (which are available on SMA website) with an Auckland Architect who is visiting Christchurch in connection with the Islamic School that Br Alayan is planning to build.
Br Azeem suggested that a 3 member sub-committee be formed to manage and be fully responsible for the implementation of the Building Consent.  Brothers accepted the suggestion and after Shura the sub-committee was formed consisting of Brothers Azeem, Mursad and Mutlib.  Br Azeem will lead the sub-committee.
4.         Nominations for the new Executive Committee
Br Azeem mentioned that Br Wahid is preparing a summary of all the nominations received.  It was agreed that effort should be made to arrive at a consensus if there are more nominations than the vacancies on the Executive Committee.  Br Azeem said that the consensus building process must involve the brothers who nominated the candidate as well as those who seconded the nomination.  It was agreed to hold a special meeting on Saturday 30 January 2010 after Maghrib to discuss the nominations received and arrive at a consensus.
The summary of the nominations received should be prepared immediately after the closing date (24 January 2010) which will give brothers one week to develop the consensus.   It was also agreed that the brothers should make every effort to attend this important special meeting and that no apologies are sent, if at all possible.
5.         Br Zul’s departure for Christchurch
·          Br Zul informed about how he came to decide to accept the job offer in Christchurch.   He said that he will be ready to help us in any way he can from Christchurch.  Br Azeem applauded his decision to continue the SMA membership by filling the 2010 renewal form.  All brothers wished Br Zul every success and will pray for him.
·          Br Sahizad suggested that SMA should hold a farewell party for Br Zul and after Shura it was agreed to have a one-dish party for Br Zul and his family on Saturday 16 January 2010 at 12:30 PM.