Annual General Meeting 7 February 2010
Written by Azeem Haqqani   
Tuesday, 09 February 2010 12:27

Annual General Meeting 7 February 2010

Minutes of the Meeting


1.       President's address giving the highlights of the year

2.       Acting Treasurer’s address giving the details of SMA Accounts for the financial year 1 Jan 2009 to 31 Dec 2009

3.       Election of the Executive Committee

4.       Voting on the resolution presented by Br Munaf and seconded by Br Sahizad to increase the number of Vice Presidents and Members on the SMA Executive Committee

5.       Any other issue raised by any member during the meeting


Agenda Item 1:

The President gave his Address (a copy is attached).

Agenda Item 2:

The President as Acting Treasurer gave the Treasurer’s Address (a copy is attached).

Agenda Item 3 & 4:

Ballot papers were issued to the paid members of SMA for electing the Executive Committee and voting on the resolutions.  The Ballot paper indicated the names of Executive Committee members who were earlier selected unopposed.  A copy of the Ballot paper is attached.

The votes were casted and were counted immediately thereafter. 

The resolution for increasing the number of Vice Presidents from the present 2 positions was rejected.  The resolution for increasing the number of Members from the present 7 position to 10 positions was passed.  Br Reza Abdul Jebbar was elected as the Secretary.  With the increase in the number of Members on the Executive Committee all 9 nominations on the ballot paper were elected.  After further nominations and voting by hand count Br Abdul Mutlib was elected as the 10th Member of the Executive Committee.

The new Executive Committee for the next 2 years is thus as follows:

President:  Abdul Azeem; Vice Presidents: Wali Kamali & Japi Sulaiman; Treasurer: Mursad Ali; Assistant Treasurer: Mohammed Mahamud; Secretary: Reza Abdul Jebbar; Assistant Secretary: Imtiaz Ali  Members: Abu Mansaray, Mansoor Ali, Mohammed Sahizad, Maroof Supardan, Khairuddin, Azman Zakaria, Ismail Zakaria, Manzoor Khan, Mohammad Saiyyad, Abdul Mutlib

Agenda Item 5:

Br Azam asked when we are likely to move to the property acquired at 31 Fairview Avenue.  Br Azeem informed that quotations are currently being obtained by the sub-committee and it is expected that by May-June 2010 we may move, InshaAllah.  He indicated that we were ill informed about the real extent of Building Consent works.  Br Azam advised that in future we should obtain Council advice in writing.

Br Abu commented about the absence of some of the newly elected members of the new Committee from the AGM.  Br Munaf responded by saying that as they have been elected for the position by the brothers they are trusted to discharge their responsibility.  Br Azeem said that in the past we have strictly implemented the rule of automatic disqualification of Committee members if they are absent for two consecutive meetings without an apology.  This practice will continue.

Br Wahid suggested that the $15,000 deposit paid to the vendor of the property instead of paying into a trust account was illegal.  He however agreed that SMA did not suffer any disadvantage on this account.  Subsequent checking after the AGM clarified that the payment of deposit directly to the Vendor was a condition of the Agreement put up by the Vendor as a part of the negotiation in which he reduced the price from $125,000 to $121,000.  He amended the standard Agreement clause to reflect this condition which was noted by John Fraser, SMA Legal Adviser.   John Fraser did not suggest that it was illegal in any way.

Br Wahid also suggested that brothers should do some of the Building Consent work themselves and we should not lavishly spend the money that SMA has.

Br Manzoor asked how a Member can function on the Executive Committee if he is a seasonal worker with 6 months absence overseas.  Br Azeem said that with the advance telecommunication facilities we all now enjoy, namely, phone, text, email, internet etc it is possible to take active part in the affairs of SMA from anywhere in the world.


President’s Statement

Dear Brothers and Sisters Assalam Alaikum, Alhamdulillah Southland Muslim Association was able to achieve much progress during the year.  The following are the major achievements of the year:

1.       Establishment of the five times daily salat at the UFS Hall and the weekly Juma’a prayers, strictly accordingly to the regularly published time table.

2.       A highly successful fund raising campaign wholeheartedly supported by local, National and Overseas brothers and sisters.  FIANZ contributed $20,000 towards purchase of the property and $1500 towards Ramadan Hafiz.

3.       The successful acquisition of the property at 31 Fairview Avenue which is now the registered address of Southland Muslim Association.

4.       Issue of Building Consent for the above property after significant efforts.  A sub-committee consisting of Brs Abdul Azeem, Abdul Mutlib and Mursad Ali is currently obtaining quotations for carrying out the Building Consent approved works.

5.       Securing the services of Hafiz Ismail from Malaysia to conduct Taraweeh prayers.  Iftar was held at the Masjid each day of the month.  The Eid function was a huge success with the children having a good place and time to celebrate this happy occasion.

6.       Registration of SMA as a Charitable Organization which allows New Zealand tax payers to claim a refund for their donations to SMA.

7.       Registration of SMA as a GST Registered Organization which allows us to claim refunds of any GST that is paid by SMA.

8.       Timely filing of Returns for GST, Charities Commission, IRD and Societies Office, as needed without hiring an Accountant

9.       Successful negotiations with Invercargill City Council for allocating a separate place for Muslims burials in the Invercargill Cemetery.

10.   A high successful Open Day conducted in the UFS Hall which attracted a lot of interest from non-Muslims and huge press coverage.

The Treasurer’s Statement will be presented after this report. There should not be any surprises in the report as we put out every month a financial statement on the Masjid Shelf for anyone to review and ask questions if required.

After Treasurer’s report voting will be conducted to elect the Secretary and 7 Members of the Executive Committee through ballot paper.  As mentioned in the ballot paper, the President, 2 VPs, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and Assistant Secretary have been elected without contest.  Only paid SMA members will be able to vote.

JazakumAllah Khairan for your help and support to me and I ask your forgiveness for my shortcomings. Please pray that Allah SWT give me the necessary qualities to discharge this responsibility to His liking.

Abdul Azeem  


Annual General Meeting – Sunday 7 February 2010

Acting Treasurer’s Statement

Dear Brothers & Sisters Assalam Alaikum

Alhamdulillah the 2nd year of Southland Muslim Association was very good financially.  Due to a great support from local, National and International brothers and sisters we were able to collect an amount of $160,858.60.  The bulk of our fundraising was from Overseas for supporting SMA to build a Masjid in the Southern most part of the world.  Additionally we collected $1760 as Membership Fees for year 2009 and $480 for year 2010.  An amount of $580 was collected as Fitrana which was immediately distributed in Pakistan before the Eid-ul-Fitr.   An amount of $140.36 was received as GST return.

The major expense during the year was the purchase of property at 31 Fairview Avenue acquired for converting it into Southland Muslim Association Masjid and Community Centre.  The property has cost us $121,570 including legal and transfer expenses.  Prior to the purchase of the property an amount of $590 was spent on title search, LIM report and Resource Consent Application fees.  After the purchase of the property an amount of $125.80 was spent on clean up etc.  An attractive deal for the purchase of carpet for the property was made for which an advance of $1397.60 was paid.

An amount of $1974.25 was paid to the Invercargill City Council for issuing the Building Consent.  Rates amounting to $1300.40 and $93.00 were paid to ICC and Environment Southland respectively.  An amount of $228.60 has been spent for the Electricity at the property.

An amount of $4271.90 was spent on the salary, travel and petrol of Hafiz Ismail from Malaysia.

The rent for the UFS Hall for the year totalled $5200.  An additional expense of $110 was incurred on account for heating and toilet paper. The Post Box hire for the year has costed $135 and an amount of $120 was spent to buy children gifts distributed in the Eid-ul-Fitr function.  An amount of $111.80 was charged by the Westpac Bank for the various transactions that were carried out during the year and $50 was paid to the Charities Commission for Registration of SMA as a Charitable Organisation.

After allowing for the total expense of $138,098.29 we were left with a surplus of $25,720.67 for the year ending 31 December 2009.  The surplus carried forward from last year was $81,023.67 resulting in a net total Surplus of 106,744.34.   All the above details are contained in the Financial Statement for the Year 1 Jan to 31 Dec 2009 at the back of this report. 

All sundry expenses on phone, internet, Website, stationery etc are funded outside of SMA funds by way of donations from brothers.  The supporting receipts, bank statements will be made available to any brother/ sister who is interested in checking the validity of the Financial Statement handed over to you.

 Abdul Azeem



Financial Satement 2009
ballot paper