Minutes of September 2009 Executive Committee Meeting
Written by Zul Abdul Rahman   
Sunday, 18 October 2009 08:02

SMA Executive Committee Meeting 12 September 2009

Minutes of the Meeting

Present: Brothers Zul, Abu, Mursad, Munaf, Mustafa, Taher, Shahizad, Mutlib

Apologies: Brother Azeem

Absent: Brothers Wahid, Zaid.

1. Ramadan/ Hafiz funds collection and expenses

  • The committee has acknowledged that the Hafiz has made a big scarification by coming to lead our Tarawikh prayer by leaving his young family back home in Malaysia. His scarification cannot be valued by monetary term. The committee has agreed in this meeting to make more collection for the Hafiz to give a chance to any of our brothers and sisters to make a contribution. The amount collected will be given to the Hafiz on Friday 18 September 2009. This is because Hafiz Ismail will be leaving Invercargill for Malaysia on 0800hrs, 19 September 2009. The cutoff date for the collection will be on 17 September 2009 and all collection will goes to Brother Abu.

2. Eid Salat Timing

The committee has agreed to set an Eid Salat timing as :

    • If Eid fall on Sunday 20 September 2009 Eid Salat will be conducted at 8.30 am
    • If Eid fall on Monday 21 September 2009 Eid Salat will be conducted at 7.30am

The committee has also agreed that the current hall will be use as men salat room while the iftar room will use as women salat room for Eid salat.

3. Eid function planning

Based on item 2:

Eid on Sunday the fuction will take place soon after Eid Salat

Eid on Monday the function will take place after Maghrib on the same day.

Main hall will be used for the Eid function InshaAllah. Br Shahizad will ensure that prior permission is obtained from UFS Management.


    • Same as what we had last year, the committee has agreed to continue the same practice with some difference where every family will bring their food or treat to be shared and they are also required to bring their own drinks and cutlery.

Gift for children

The committee has agreed to distribute a gift - $5.00 cash put in envelop to the children under 12. The allocated budget is $200. This will be coordinate by Br. Mutlib

4. Next Committee meeting

After considering the day light saving, the committee has agreed that the next committee meeting will be on 11 August 2009 after Zuhur.