Minutes of October 2009 Executive Committee Meeting
Written by Azeem Haqqani   
Sunday, 18 October 2009 07:49

SMA Executive Committee Meeting 11 October 2009

Minutes of the Meeting

Present:†††††††††††† Brothers Abu, Azeem, Wahid, Zul, Abu, Mursad, Munaf, Zahid, Tahir, Shahizad

Apologies: †††††††† Brother Mutlib, Br Islam (overseas)

Absent:††††††††††††††††† Brother Mustafa

1.†††††††† 31 Fairview Avenue Matters

  • Darryl Kensington, Civil/ Structural Engineer has addressed the objections/ concerned raised by the Invercargill City Council on the Engineersí report which was submitted to ICC a couple of months ago.†† The revised report will be re-submitted to ICC next week, InshaAllah.
  • Br Munaf has accepted the responsibility to check the electricity bills on a regular basis and compare them with the meter readings. Br Azeem will forward the bills to Br Munaf as soon as they arrive.There is a two week period between receiving the bills and SMA account being direct debited.Any corrections/ adjustments can be made during this period.Br Munaf will also explore with the electricity company what options are available to disconnect/ reconnect the electricity or installing a pre-paid meter in order to save some electricity costs during the non-occupancy period.
  • Br Zul has accepted the responsibility for regularly checking the mail at 31 Fairview and disposing off the junk mail (if any).Br Wahid has already posted a sign for no junk mail on the letter box.
  • Br Shahizad will continue to manage the lawn mowing and general upkeep of the property as agreed before.
  • Br Munaf will liaise with Br Wahid to arrange disposal of the unwanted material at the back of the property.
  • Br Azeem has submitted a written request to ICC to revise the rates to reflect the communal and charitable organization status of SMA.

2.†††††††† The future Executive Committee meetings will be held 2nd Sunday of every month after Zuhar.The next meeting will accordingly be held on 8 November 2009.

3.†††††††† Br Azeem will contact Hafiz Mohammad Saghir in India who has been recommended by Br Mohammed Shamim of Curry Guru as the Imam for next Ramadan.Br Shamim has indicated that they will bear the travel expenses and provide the accommodation to Hafiz Mohammed Saghir. Br Munaf has also received a recommendation for a Hafiz which he will forward to Br Azeem.Br Azeem will investigate these recommendations and report in the next meeting.These will be compared with Hafiz Omar and Hafiz Ismail from Malaysia who have successfully performed in the last two Ramadans.

4.†††††††† The AGM will be held on Sunday 7 February 2010 after Zuhar.The present Executive Committee will retire however its members will be eligible for re-election for another term of 2 years if members desire.Br Munaf will prepare the draft Nomination Forms for Br Azeemís review. The nominations will close 2 weeks before the AGM. The annual membership fees are due by 15 January 2010.Membership renewal forms will be used as done last year for collecting fees and updating the membership data base.

5.†††††††† Br Munaf was of the view that 2009 paid members will be eligible to vote in the AGM.Most of the brothers thought that payment of 2010 membership fees will be necessary to enable a member to vote.This issue will need further investigation after receiving some more information from Br Munaf.

6.†††††††† Br Tahir informed that he would be leaving Invercargill in December 2009 and he would probably be on call during the next meeting.

7.†††††††† Br Azeem indicated that Br Islam Ramadan has asked a number of times in the past for Br Mursad to take over the position of Treasurer.†† Br Azeem has made similar requests too.With Br Islamís long absences it is necessary to implement his recommendation now.Br Azeem nominated Br Mursad for the Treasurerís position and all present in the meeting unanimously seconded.Br Mursad asked for a few days time to give his decision on acceptance.

8.†††††††† Br Azeem will be on annual leave visiting Pakistan from 7 November to 9 December 2009 and Br Zul will be acting President during this time.